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            Schulmerich & Associates Asset Management, LLC
                                                                                                51 Years of Quality Service
Ph 503-672-7750
First, we counsel with you and listen to your financial goals and objectives. This is a conversation where we can collect information about your specific needs, investment experience and risk tolerance.

We then analyze and evaluate your overall financial situation. We jointly reach a determination as to what funds should be allocated for growth, dividend income and what should be held separately as fixed income or cash. Tax efficiency will also be discussed.

Once your TD Ameritrade Institutional account is open we begin to build your portfolio based on the agreed upon plan for your goals. Depending on the individual strategy and market conditions this could happen immediately or gradually over a period of time.

It is our job to continually monitor your investment plan. This includes periodically adjusting and re balancing to keep the portfolio aligned per the strategy. With your authorization we frequently work with your tax advisor, CPA, or estate attorney.

At Schulmerich & Associates Asset Management, LLC, we pride ourselves on knowing our clients personally. During business hours, there is always someone available to take your call and answer your questions. Our goal has always been to develop long term relationships, and because of this we have strong sense of accountability to our clients. Protecting and increasing your wealth is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Please call or email to meet with us. We welcome an opportunity to talk with you and discuss your goals. During this meeting, you will not be asked to make a final decision. After we have discussed and defined your financial goals, feel free to discuss our management techniques with others whose financial opinions you value.