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            Schulmerich & Associates Asset Management, LLC
                                                                                                51 Years of Quality Service
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About Schulmerich & Associates Asset Management, LLC
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Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
Wealth Management Designed Just for You
Your Needs Drive Our Relationship and Advice

Schulmerich & Associates doesn’t promise quick answers or easy solutions.
We do offer a prudent process with a long-term focus that allows you to
meet life’s most important goals.

In our first meeting, we will work together to uncover your true financial
needs, goals, concerns, and evaluate your current financial situation.

With a better understanding of where you are and where you want to go,
we will design a customized financial plan that will help you achieve your

Once you have had a chance to review your plan, we can answer all
your questions, respond to any concerns, and then decide together how
to proceed.

If you want we can take care of the paperwork for you and get your
plan moving forward. Call us any time for information or if you have any

As life changes and your goals, it is important that we revisit the plan to
make sure your plan remains in line. We will meet regularly to review your
progress and ensure your plan continues to fit your objectives.

Your Interests Come First
Our Responsibility in Serving You is Clear

At Schulmerich & Associates, we embrace our role as a fiduciary, a responsibility that means we must always act with your best interest in mind. As a fiduciary, we are different from traditional personal financial advisors who are brokers. This is a distinction we are proud of and that benefits you.

Unlike a broker, we do not sell commission-based securities and we are not salespeople.

We are Registered Investment Advisors and only sell advice.

You don’t need to worry about hidden fees or a hidden agenda because, as an RIA, we are required by law to fully disclose any conflicts of interests we have in serving you.

We earn our fee by not charging you a commission on securities trades like stockbrokers, but by levying a fee for ongoing money management.

You will avoid conflict of interests such as when a broker receives higher commissions by selling one product over another to make more money by making trades in your account.  As a fee–based only advisory firm, we do not accept fees from third party product providers.